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Creative, straightforward & unique

Our defining principles

Creative, straightforward & unique

our defining principles


We begin with determination to understand your brand and the intricate details of each unique project.


Through communication, we share ideas and give shape to your content, presenting one clear vision.


The sketching of wireframes is integral in beginning to realise concepts and ideas into readable, managed design.


Ador’s design will reflect your unique brand identity while achieving the maximum aestetic impact.


Responsive design that adheres to today’s technical standards, ensuring smartphones, tablets and desktop users alike can interact with our work.


In addition of meaningful and impeccably stylistic animation engages users of a completely different level.


To guarantee success, the final process involves thorough and rigorous testing on all major browsers and OS.


We teach you how to pilot your website through your back-office. Our post-launch support is guaranteed.


Just a fraction of what we have done so far, take a glimpse

Allianz Zagreb

web shop

For Allianz Zagreb d.d., part of one of the world’s largest financial services groups, Allianz SE, we have produces series of five web shops, for online shopping of home insurance, car insurance, comprehensive car insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance. The solution is based on a multitenant paradigm, so the same infrastructure can be used by affiliated companies. Finally the whole structure is seamlessly integrated into their corporate website.

ATP Croatia Open

Web site

Passionate about tennis? Each time ATP tour comes to Croatia, we are here to promote, inform and entertain. This website is three part system consisting of complete tennis tournament competition schedule and data, current and forthcoming events and party section and visitor guide about destination, nightlife and regional enogastronomy.

Centar Kaptol


Where the Fashion and Style lives. The alluring web billboard which gives you all the important infos on current or forthcoming events, bargains, where to buy, or where to rest or dine with your kids

Delta Access


As the market’s leading development tank, DELTA ACCESS has been offering advice and support not only to a number of nationally-operating real estate consultancies, project developers and funds, but also to the big players in the real estate industry for many years.


subsidiary website

For the subsidiary of one of the leading european paper, cardboard and printing industry distributor we have developed simple, informative, but above all very useful website.


website & mobile app

Precious gem - interactive schoolbook, even more the complete primary school curriculum solution on a custom prepared tablet. For student, for teacher and for parent. Long live Africa.


Web app

As part of Nissan’s global digital strategy orchestration, our jazz ensemble played regional websites interlude. Great experience!

PBZ Leasing

website and various mobile apps

Various leasing calculators (vehicle, boat, IT equipment, construction equipment) are just part of this comprehensive solution. Backed by financial precision of one the leading financial company in Croatia.


mobile app

For the Hendrih Feldbauer advertising agency we have developed mobile application which was used during their marketing campaign for Somersby soft drinks. When hostess gives you the tablet with Somersby app, take it, make a wish and shake it, and prize is yours.

XX Easter Regatta


The most famous reggata in Croatia, a competition that opens the nautical season every year and which gathers the best Croatian skippers. Beside a rich prize fund, and a brand new car for the overall winner, the opportunity to compete with the best, and to win this race is a matter of prestige above all.


ADOR is a team of digital hunters, searching for the most cutting-edge creativity...

ADOR is a team of digital hunters, searching for the most cutting-edge creativity, aiming to turn it into a new cross media communication. We explore digital trends everyday and elaborate them in quest of the Q factor.





























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As the old alchemists were the forerunner of modern scientists...

Ador d.o.o.

Web solution finder


The first web studio in Croatia. In the beginning we were a lonesome bunch of web warriors which stood by their ideas of web for all. Today we are web solution finder for many of our domestic or abroad clients.

Looking for great


In our world, there’s no such thing as having too many clients that demand premium products, refuse to cut corners and have an affinity for new perspectives. If you’re nodding in agreement, we should meet.

Looking for great


We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate, thoughtful people with a high Q factor. The Q factor is not defined by labels, it is about curiosity, initiative, passion for digital and new trends. If you think you could feel at home with our team, ring the bell, we'll be pleased to meet you!

ADOR d.o.o. | Kustošijanska 29 | HR-10000 Zagreb | Croatia 
PDV/VAT ID: HR08024384368 | IBAN: HR3023600001101350246 (ZABA) 
MBS: 080295700 | Founding capital HRK 26.200 paid in full
Board members: Lili Rodić and Neven Rodić

Projekt sufinanciran sredstvima Europske unije iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj kroz OP Konkurentnost i kohezija 2014.-2020. u sklopu natječaja E Impuls, referentna oznaka Poziva KK.


Referentna oznaka: KK.
Naziv projekta: Proširenje kapaciteta postojeće poslovne jedinice poduzeća Ador d.o.o.


ADOR d.o.o.
Kustošijanska 29
10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
OIB: 08024384368


Razdoblje provedbe Projekta je od 1. ožujka 2017. do 1. listopada 2018. godine
Ukupna vrijednost Projekta: 468.518,25 HRK
Bespovratna sredstva dodijeljena u iznosu od 246.439,43 HRK


Opis projekta:


Cilj projekta je potaknuti jačanje konkurentnosti tvrtke ulaganjem u proširenje kapaciteta poslovne jedinice – web studija. Specifični ciljevi projekta su: očuvanje postojećih radnih mjesta, otvaranje novih radnih mjesta, proširivanje tržišta i povećanje prihoda od prodaje proizvodnih usluga te ulaganje u proširenje kapaciteta i jačanje konkurentnosti. Projektom će se pridonijeti rješavanju problema nedostatka IT infrastrukture, potrebnih certifikata uslijed proširenja asortimana proizvodnih usluga kojima ti certifikati moraju biti praćeni, potrebe integracije novog CMS-a u postojeće poslovanje te neadekvatan postojeći prostor za kvalitetnu prezentaciju rješenja tvrtke s klijentima čime ćemo podići kvalitetu radnih uvjeta za djelatnike, povećati prihode od prodaje i privatna ulaganja te kvalitetu usluge za klijente. Ciljana skupina projekta na prvom su mjestu naši zaposlenici (postojeći i oni zaposleni kroz projekt). Projektna ulaganja osmišljena su s ciljem omogućavanja kvalitetnih radnih uvjeta kao i razvoja znanja i vještina te će se na taj način osigurati realizacija njihovih potencijala što direktno doprinosi i uspjehu samog poduzeća. Naša ciljna skupina su svakako i naši klijenti koji će zahvaljujući planiranim poboljšanjima dobiti kvalitetnu uslugu i bržu isporuku iste.


Kontakt osoba: Lili Rodić, +385 (0)1 374 0770

Kontakt adresa elektroničke pošte: lili@ador.hr; info@ador.hr

Dodatne informacije o ovim programima sufinanciranja možete pronaći na www.strukturnifondovi.hr