Ador d.o.o.

Web solution finder

The first web studio in Croatia. In the beginning we were a lonesome bunch of web warriors which stood by their ideas of web for all. Today we are web solution finder for many of our domestic or abroad clients.

Looking for great


In our world, there’s no such thing as having too many clients that demand premium products, refuse to cut corners and have an affinity for new perspectives. If you’re nodding in agreement, we should meet.

Looking for great


We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate, thoughtful people with a high Q factor. The Q factor is not defined by labels, it is about curiosity, initiative, passion for digital and new trends. If you think you could feel at home with our team, ring the bell, we'll be pleased to meet you!

ADOR d.o.o. | Kustošijanska 29 | HR-10000 Zagreb | Croatia 
PDV/VAT ID: HR08024384368 | IBAN: HR3023600001101350246 (ZABA) 
MBS: 080295700 | Founding capital HRK 26.200 paid in full
Board members: Lili Rodić and Neven Rodić